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How to care for a stray cat in winter?

I was just wondering how to keep her warm and dry. Also should I feed her more food? I cannot bring her in because I dont know if she has a disease and I have two cats

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    I do the same for stray cats in my neighborhood and I have 3 indoor cats what I do is I get an old cat carrier or unused cover enclosed litter box (if it has air holes or bars on top and side just put a towel over it to keep the rain out) and put a blanketed pillow in it to keep her warm and comfy, make sure the door is off so she can get in but facing isn't facing front because if it rains, it will get in the carrier. If u don't have either u can get a storage bin/ tub put it on its side and a towle over the opening and a blanket or pillow inside, wash the towel and blanket/pillow regularly so it doesn't get gross, and shake it out once in a while to cut down in bugs. If this isn't possible for some reason if u have a garage u can try to let her in the garage before it rains (if ur cats don't go in there). I was so happy once when I saw one of the cats using the carrier during rain/ hail, cuz I knew he was safe instead of outside being pelted by harsh hail rocks. We used to have two of them out front but one of my neighbors was drunk thought it would be a good idea to ride a motor bike on my lawn and hit the house right where the cat carriers where and they both broke, but only one of them was absolutely not salvagable.

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    Leaving the cat outside is not ideal. If you can manage it, capture the cat and either:

    A) bring it to the vet and have it tested, then

    1) if you can, bring it into your home


    2) give it to someone else


    B) give the cat to an animal shelter

    If you do have the cat tested, please make sure if it is neutered/spayed! If you ABSOLUTELY must return the cat to the wild, then please do so keeping the nature of the area in mind. If there is a lot of traffic, reconsider relocating the cat-- things like that.

    If the cat is not fixed, and you put it back outside (or choose to leave it there), please have it fixed. There are too many feral cats as it is, and unless we start fixing the stray cats we find, then the number of stray feral cats will only increase-- as well as the number of ran over/killed stray cats. (This goes for any other stray animal as well).

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    in case you could no longer carry the cat indoors, in case you certainly need to do the ideal suited element, get a humane catch (you could in many cases hire them from the community shelter -- mine quotes $50 yet provides the entire $50 decrease back once you come it). Then get the cat fastened, attempt to maintain it someplace enclosed for a pair of days (like a storage or in a cage) and then enable it decrease back outdoors. till you will get a no-kill team to take it. And consistently make confident he has some clean water. For the iciness, make confident the cat has some shelter for whilst that's chilly out at night. possibly a huge plastic storage field you could placed a hollow in so the cat can get out and in, yet stay dry. circulate away a towel or some thing in there for the backside, which you will wash each and every so in many cases. In very extreme chilly climate, you could warmth the interior by utilising filling an old sock with uncooked rice (or buckwheat, or much greater useful, flax seed), tying up the precise, and heating it interior the microwave. it is going to stay heat for some hours and supply the cat some warmth for the duration of the chilly night. A heating pad in case you could might artwork great as properly whilst this is fairly undesirable. however the main loving element you could desire to do is to call community no-kill rescue communities and notice in case you will get them to take him, or a minimum of get him on a waiting checklist.

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    You shouldn't feed her more. I have a cat kennel for my cats, for when they go outside in the winter ---> ... You could try getting or making one of these and putting blankets in it if you are worried. Also, if you have a garden shed, you could put a catflap on this and a comfy bed inside that she can sleep in.

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    no dont feed her more, just have a cozy bed or blanket that she can snuggle up with... also when cats groom their self during the summer they're cooling their self and during winter they are keeping their self warm(by smoothing the fur with saliva it traps the heat).

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