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What does "straight up with you" mean?

This girl and I both like each other and she's really great we've been dating and I'm head over heals for her. She said she's really confused about everything and her feelings, she wants a serious relationship and so do I but she's scared because I joined the USMC and I'm go to boot camp around thanksgiving, so she text me saying can we meet up this week an talk I wanna be straight up with you in person. Straight up with me does that mean she's gunna turn me down? Or what does that mean? And where should we meet to talk.

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    It means that she's going to be honest.

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    When someone says that they want to be "straight up with you", it means that they just want to be honest with you. It doesn't mean that she's going to turn you down. As for meeting up, why don't you meet up at a park? I think you should meet at a quiet place. So that you can focus on your conversation without any interruptions.

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    It just means she wants to talk to you about your relationship, as for where you should meet, go somewhere that is special to the both of you, like where you first kissed her

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    It means she's gonna be completely honest the next few words that come out her mouth

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