Death Note who is better?

ok who is better looking in death note i think L is hotter than light and my sister thinkslight is better looking than L so tell me what you think.

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  • 8 years ago
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    L is better, not because he is hot or sexy or what ever, but because he is generally a better person. Although he has some* superiority complex disorders, Light has major superiority complex and god complex disorders. Light generally only see's how things can better himself (even though he supposedly wants to make the world a better place) all he does is use people - and shinigami- for his own ideals whilst L actually looks to do good by stopping a mass murder, and if Light hadn't have felt threatened by L and not used the shinigami, L would have won for sure. Although I hate using this in a comparison (oh the hate for it is intense) but you could almost compare Light to Hitler, wanting god like powers, ideals for the perfect world and race, manipulative.... Everything starts adding up.

    Overall, Light is the sort of character you hate to love, where as L is the sort you either love OR hate.

    But if you wanted a fan girl answer: (first answer is best)

    OMG L is so cute, just he weird personality he has is gorgeous! And he so smart and funny ^.^


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    8 years ago

    Well i'd say normal people would rather choose Light over L since he looks more "normal"

    but i'm one of the weird ones so i prefer L.

    L and Light seem to be equal in size and height so i'm not sure why i chose L. Probably because he has a weird way of sitting. He's just unique and you rarely see guys like that. He doesn't wear shoes and is always crouching down. I mean if i met him i'd be like "uhm okay what's wrong with that guy?" but at the same time i'd be like "woah omg he's so weird and it's kinda cool. i wonder why he's like that? hmmnn he's interesting" or something like that. And i mean he eats so many sweets.. Like seriously? without getting fat? how can you eat sweets everyday and eat nothing but sweets everyday and still be as sexy as hell like L? And the way he stands out among others makes him cool. Like how he hides his real name and everything about him is so mysterious. You can see it by just looking at him. That there's more to him than what we see. Besides he is like the smartest kid ever.. i actually think L is smarter than Light. The only reason Light beat L was because he had a shinigami to help him. I mean that's not fair. Well i guess it's just an anime but still why'd L have to die TT__TT.. okay back to the point, sorry i'm getting carried away here.. anyways between L and Light, i'd pick L hands down !

    ~ i know you were just talking about looks but yea i even mentioned their brains and personalities.. sorry bout that :)

  • 8 years ago

    L is SO much better, he's freaken' awesome and is better looking than Light, plus, L is adorable, L is just evil looking, I really, really HATE Light. L FTW! ;D

  • 8 years ago

    L. Obviously. XP

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