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How can I get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke?

Well my mom smokes and I don't think she's going to stop like ever. It's really gross smelling and I hate it. My hair and clothes always reek of smoke, its disgusting. My room also smells really badly of smoke, how can I get rid of it permanently?

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    you simply need to look forward to college

    it is so difficult if you do not smoke and you live in a smoking house....

    an apple cut placed in your car will get rid of that smoke place several in your closet and change them often and get that door shut

    keep you room door shut

    wash your clothes seperate...

    do not sit on couches and surniture in the main living area

    a fan may help

    a window open


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    Smoke never really goes away.. U can try bicarbonate of soda on carpets etc leave it on then Hoover off give the place a good airing with wondows open.. But all the time she is smoking it will always smell it impregnates into wood and wallpaper etc..


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    Move. As long as it's Mom's house and she smokes, everyone and everything will reek. You can get an air cleaner for your room, but just walking through the house would get the stink on you and your clothes. Try keeping your room aired out. Bathe and clean clothes just before leaving house. Been there...........mine finally quit smoking.......after I moved away.

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    Air purifiers are normally associated with allergies, but there are models which will help to get rid of secondhand smoke. Believe to a persons whose both parents are hard smokers((( I have Surround Air Multi-Tech 2000 in my room like this one small and cheap but it works! my parents also installed Allerair 5000 DS Exec for tobacco smoke neutralization, it is a bit expensive but it does it's job!

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