2000 Olds Intrigue Noises?

I bought this car used couple weeks ago and ever since it has been making weird noises. When backing up, starting forward it makes a groaning/grinding noise from the front end area. And when driving 50-65 it makes a "thump thump thump" noise. Also the brakes squeak. Had it checked at a dealership and my own mechanic and they both say they cant hear it do any of these things. Yet everyone that has drove/rode in it...does. Any ideas what it may be? It doesnt drift to either side (checked that for alignment).


The dealership said the checked everything under the car, shocks, struts, etc and even bearings but didnt see anything

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  • 8 years ago
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    could be anything really. bad shocks, bad steering components, bad engine mounts, loose exhaust, bad CV joint, it's hard to say. Get another opinion.

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