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Why does my PS2 slim only play certain games?

I've had my PS2 for quite some time now and I don't really think it's an issue though. It still plays DVDs and CDs well and properly, but my problem is, it doesn't play certain games anymore. I play Final Fantasy XII and it works perfectly fine on my PS2, but when I put on Valkyrie Profile 2:Silmeria, it goes to the intro of PS2, then just stays black the whole time. The disk is somewhat scratched, but so is the Final Fantasy one, yet it works perfectly fine. A few other games also plays, but the majority isn't playing anymore like before.

Is there any solution to this? Please help! :(

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    i think it sounds like the console is not playing dvd games

    look at the back of the game case and see if it has the compact disc logo or the dvd logo

    Source(s): dvd games stopped playing on my console with all the same symptoms you describe
  • 4 years ago

    I've had a identical crisis where my ps2 (normal model) stopped taking part in ps1 games and blue discs. It ultimately stopped playing dvd movies too, and finally stopped taking part in games altogether. All i will advise is to purchase a new PS2, and to get an long-established model given that although in addition they destroy down, they last longer than slimlines.

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