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Friendship problems, somebody please help?

Okay so I know this girl, she's just a year below me and we used to be friends. We used to talk over BBM, and we then turned out to be good friends. Now, a few days later she went on a one week school trip to Thailand. When she came back she acted as if she didn't know me. Also, whenever I try to go out onto the playing field, and back into school, I always see her (and she always sees me) and I don't know why. However, she then thought that I was stalking her and, for no reason at all, she starts to ignore me whenever I try to talk to her, either in person, over Facebook or over BBM. As much as I try to get over it, I can't because I just keep on thinking about what happened between us before all this, when we were friends. Can somebody tell me why we aren't friends anymore?

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    Have you had a 'sit down and talk in private' yet? Ask her how you feel after her trip to Thailand. Ask her what happened and so on during the trip. If she does not reply or even talk to you more, let her be alone, she will hit breaking point that she will go to you. If she does not do any of the following in order, she is not worth being talked to.

    Source(s): My friends had that similar problem, gave them my answer to them too.
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    She thinks she's better than you just cause she got a little more worldly and went to another country. She finds you boring now so forget her. She thinks you're not worth her "precious time" so don't make her worth yours.

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    Ask her , please! If you can't do it in person, do it over bbm.

    Hope I helped, and I hope you consider what I said! :)

    Source(s): Experience.
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