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Found an owl, what to do?

It's a young owl I think, although he's quite big. No fur, so it's not too young.

We put him in a basket now with some cooked meat, fried I think, some banana's and a bowl with water. There's a nest next to our house, a temple, and we think that he fell and maybe needs some rest? We don't know, we found him on the floor..

Anyone know what to do now? Like what food and how long until we can release him? We can't leave him on the floor so that he can fly away because we have loose dogs here that we can't tie up...

Help, I don't want to hurt him!


We don't have pounds here, I live in Thailand..

Cops don't do anything and we have stray dogs here, no pounds or specialized people, yeah vets but its 11 PM, they're not open..

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    Well if you can put the basket as high as you can on a stable surface near to where you think his nest was. The parents will probably feed it once you get out of the way. Good luck.

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    Yes, call the pound, they will give you a number for animal control, an officer will stop by and get the critter, matter of fact, now that I recall this happened to the *same person *three times over, (must be a calling for them) any way, they did just that, & the birds were taken to a shelter, (at least that's what they are told),

    Source(s): Birds can fall out of a tree, and still be alive, or just sick and/or injured. Funny how we humans don't think on these premises often. It happens. It all matters, as some are donated once helped, to a museum, or just let out in the wild again. They may have to start all over with their lives (like we many times do) loosing their *main-squeeze, missing the others in their own community, *neighbors, (?) etc., but life goes on, *so if we keep that perspective; realizing Life is for the *brave hearted, *(but still they go on with life to live it!) & still exist! It's doable, *depending on relative situations concerned.*of course. Birds all lived too!
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    You should call a local Vet or Animal Shelter & ask them what to do. Maybe you should take it to the Shelter, they could take proper care of it.

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    watch this video

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    i say keep him and take care of him

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