I am 14 years old and still growing quickly?

I am a 14 year old girl, I am 5"9 now and weigh around 100 ponuds. Last year I had a massive growth spurt where I grew 5+ inches, and so far this year, I have already grown 2 or 3 inches, nearly an inch in 2 months. My mum is quite short, 5"4 but my dad is quite tall, 5"11. Is it possible that I will be 6 foot?


I am still growing quite quickly

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  • 8 years ago
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    Everyone is different.You must take off your dad's side.I have heard you reach your growth sprint at 20 years so it's possible but then again you could stop growing and stay 5ft 9.I had the same experience at your age and I didn't grow much taller after 15 years of age.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes you are growing too quickly because you are just 14 and your height is 5.9 feet. So there is a chance for you to get about 6'" above height because your height will increase till 20 years of age approx . But you should not worry because its in your genes as you said that your dad is 5.11 feet .So you should not be so tensed and pleased to this . Its okay that your height is a bit more but there are lot of peoples who are even taller than you and their age is also similar to your.So calm down its genetical and it will be okay soon, you should not worry .

    Hope my suggestion helps you....

  • 8 years ago

    Wow I'm a fattie I'm 4.5" shorter than you and 4 pounds heavier :/ lol.. anyways you might be.. do you have any tall other family members? Girls tend to have a couple growth spurts whereas guys have 1 giant one .. Also my doctor told me 3 yrs after you start your period you stop growing vertically who knows you might

  • 4 years ago

    Psh i'm graduating this 365 days and that i'm nevertheless a infant at coronary heart. i think of a huge mistake we predict of together as becoming up is that at some point all our concepts will replace and we can in basic terms think of like 'grown ups' - actually, that never occurs. for sure you income adulthood as you advance up and journey issues, yet you will continuously love the failings you enjoyed once you have been youthful. I actually nevertheless love taking part in video games like tag and manhunt, if human beings my age have been prepared to play i could be obtainable screaming and dealing. you purely could stumble on a stability. Act mature, do age perfect issues, yet do no longer enable go of that infant area of you so particularly. you're nevertheless youthful, don't be so worrying to advance up, you have lots of time for that. You sound like a common teenager to me. all of us prefer to be slightly infant back, I mean come on situations have been in basic terms greater trouble-free back then. No rigidity, all exciting, who would not prefer that?

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    8 years ago

    sometimes yes

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