10 points for best answer my friend needs help right away?

10 points for best answer. My 21 year old friend has been down in the gutter for a while now, ever since his parents got divorced five years ago. He's now taking his anger out on his mother by policing her and comtroling her. And threating her life. She wants to desperately  get him into therapy. He won't go, he insist that there isn't anything wrong with him. How can his mom convince him to go? Is there another way to get him to go without using the word therapy? She needs help for him right away, I'm so very worried them both.

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    8 years ago
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    50% of all marriages end in a divorce. Are your parents divorced? Or any of his other friends? Maybe one of them could try to convince him, sympathize. They could go together and talk about what they felt or something (idk but it helped me) and maybe he'll stop blaming his mom because it's not her fault. Good luck!

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    Try Talking To Him And Let Him Know That He Should Know His Place When It Comes To His Mother

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    8 years ago

    Hang on....lemme think.....almost.....just about.......oh yeah....I think they're called the "police"......

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