Question about knee scrape. Healing process? ?

Thursday evening, I fell off of a bike and scraped my knee really badly. I clean it out with water, hydrogen peroxide, and neosporin. That night I slept with gauz on it. On Friday, I left it uncovered with neosporin, but then put gauz on it again, showered, and covered it again for overnight.

Saturday, I left it uncovered, just with neosporin...but my wound is still open and wet, it hasn't scabbed over.

It also leaks some liquid sometimes, especially went I stretch it.

Am I doing something wrong?

Or because it is quite big, will it take time?

I still hurts when I bend and stretch my leg.

Is there anything else I can do to help my knee heal?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If it is big, it will take time. Leave it open to the air as much as you can. Do not put hydrogen peroxide on it. Wash it with soap and warm water. Continue with the antibiotic ointment. Watch it for signs of infection, which include fever, nausea, increasing soreness and redness, pus, red streaks coming from the wound, hot to touch. You might want to see your doctor if it gets infected.

  • 4 years ago

    Alongside time ago, and mean very long time ago, I used to be 12 years ancient riding a bike at excessive pace down the dirt road that ran earlier our condominium. The part of the road I was once zooming down used to be a good sized hill. I slid on a hefty stone and made my method over the control bar. I scraped my knee to the bone (literally). I not ever informed my parents for about aweek. It wasn't medication to good at all. I used to be scared to loss of life of doctors. It was oozy and nasty. I stored striking meds on hit, and nothing helped. Dad took me to the Dr. In opposition to my will. He stated there really wasn't some thing that might be done as there was once no dermis or meat to work with. I had to let it regularly fill in with scar tissue. I suggestion it was once contaminated or i would have by no means instructed my father and mother about it. The oozy mess used to be simply the our bodies usual fluids aiding within the remedy system. A neighbor gave my dad some bag balm. I put it on two instances, once a d for 2 days. I put it on right after a bathe (could not get it in the tub it hurt to a lot). In simply two days it used to be opening to heal. Seeing that bag balm has mercury in it i would not advise over use of the product. I do not feel it would damage for a number of applications. Should you keep the wound blanketed, i'd maintain a very skinny layer of gauze on it because the air is an efficient healer. If you'll be energetic or round to a lot dust and uncleanes, for that time i'd put a heavier gauze covering on it. Strong tape do not aid heal. It continues the wound to moist and moist breads germs. And if you end up certain that you simply will not get dirt on it leave it uncovered. Put a mild quilt on it earlier than going to be to keep lint and stuff out of it. Hope this helps you some

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