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Spider bit my brother?

My little brother was bitten by a spider in the house it was brown and black. should i be worried ? what can i do to make the bump go down because it began to swell.


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    if it doesnt hurt much then apply Toothpaste on it,it will reduce the swallowness.If it hurts like hell then u can do 2 things.u can either get him to doc or u can wait till he becomes 'The Amazing Spider Man'.. ;)

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    This would not be a dangerous spider, and Ice is the best treatment. There may be a lingering itch, and a topical analgesic with menthol will help this.

    What you need to watch for, is any swelling about the face, mouth, or tongue. this is a sign of possible allergies and can be serious, requiring emergency medical treatment.

    Otherwise, wash with soap and water, and go on your way.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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    8 years ago

    Can you get in contact with a parent or a relative? Let an adult know. Some spiders can have poisonous bites.

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    8 years ago

    if the spider was small go to the hospital but if it was kinda big and hairy dont worry a bee sting is worse try putting ice or vicks vaporub on the bite

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