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I've got three-quarters red ring on my x-box 360. why?

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    8 years ago
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    This means your console is permantaly broken. This eventually happens to all the "older" 360s. If i were you i would go to the store and buy the xbox 360 s console. This console is quite, DOESNT BREAK!!! And it is much smaller and much more attractive and has a 250gb hard drive all for 300 bucks and the console is good to me.

  • Mark G
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    8 years ago

    Did you check the previous answers from the other time you posted. There is no way to know what causes a General Hardware failure without testing the system and figuring out exactly which hardware failure(s) has/have occurred. So answering the question why it happened... Well first you're system is over 2 years old, I know this because the new XBox 360 design doesn't specify hardware failures this way. Knowing the age of the system also helps, if its one of the newer original 360 models its likely due to the system over heating and the user ignoring the problem and continuing to play it which fried a circuit, CPU, or GPU. The older versions, 3+ years old, of the systems had a problem of the hardware frying without it previously over heating, and this would be the reason why it happened there, the systems breakdown after prolonged use. People who have the first gen release of the 360 and have it still running without any major failures or repairs are lucky and rare due to hardware failure rates for electronics in general usually exceeding 40% after 5 years.

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