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this is a bit awkward but had to ask someone s opinion?

i have a bf, he's gone for meal with his mates and he s spending the weekend over there

in the meanwhile i'm staying home chatting on fb

the story is there s this french guy who declared his love to me since 26th of july( as he wished me happy birthday on the same day)

and since then we have been talking , for me it was friendly but he kept saying" je t'aime" = " I love you" like thousands times

that didnt bother me at all, he was nice, just way older than me

so i kept talking to him

and yesterday night , we have been chatting like all night through till 2am , i dont feel guilty coz i havent done nothing wrong , i just keep giving him smiles thats all

and also we talk in french coz i dont want my bf to get angry if he understands what's he saying ( my bf is english)

now i dont know what to think!! i feel awkward, if i tell my bf he ll ask me about every single word we said

and if i dont, dont want him later on to think i was cheating or flirting in french on purpose so he wouldnt figure out

what to do????


he keeps calling me "mon bebe" means my baby

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    honesty is the best policy. relationships won't work if you start hiding things from your partner..

  • 8 years ago

    You don't feel guilty for leading a guy on?

    This guy is clearly desperate and going to get hurt now. Essentially you have a boyfriend and still lead another guy on who you can't even deny you lead on because I love you and my baby are extremely clear what he's saying. Claim innocence all you want, the fact you kept it in French proves you knew something was wrong about it and was hiding it.

    That awkward feeling you mentions is a feeling of guilt, you've betrayed two people here. You need to stop your French talks, end it clean with the guy, don't leave an opening where you guys can start again in the future, he needs to know that it's over and no possibility it will start up again in order to get over you. Once it's done no matter how many times he tries contacting you, you must not reply, he needs to be able to get over you! Block him if need be.

    As for your boyfriend, claim innocence all you want but you have led a guy on behind his back, usually done by insecure girls who just want to feel like lots of people love her like that. Congratulations you got a silly feeling and they got a heart full of pins. Your boyfriend needs to know what is up, there are two ways to do this, you can lie to him more and be the reason you guys break up a few weeks later, or you can be 100% honest about this and if he has a heart he will be slightly sad, but you will get through this. 100% honest means you don't say that bull crap you said in this question. Explain that you know you shouldn't have led him on, but you just liked to feel special again or whatever is the truth. When you are done he may need space, so he can process it all, not so he can break up. Give him whatever space he needs and he will come back and talk it out more.

    We ALL make mistakes, it is when we are able to fix the mistakes and learn from them so that we don't repeat the same problems over and over that we become a better person. I'm sorry for the position you have put yourself in here, I hope nobody gets hurt too bad over this.

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    How much older is the french guy?

    Tell him that youre not interested, clearly. Not inconsideratley though. If your bf is bf worthy you could tell him about the other guy and he wouldnt overreact. You have a boyfriend, so don't let the french guy think that you like him because that would be unfair to the french guy.

  • Linds
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    8 years ago

    You're right. What you are doing isn't cheating BUT you are leading this other guy on by talking to him my letting him say "I love you" and calling you his baby and by sending him smiley faces, that is still flirting with another guy.

    It is also a very fine line that you walk by talking to him in French because it will make your boyfriend very VERY suspicious if/when you do tell him.

    Honestly best thing to do if you want to talk to this other guy is draw that line. Tell him to stop calling you baby and saying I love you. Tell him you have a boyfriend (if you hadn't done so already) and don't talk to him as much.

    When/if you do tell your boyfriend-sure translate or talk to the guy in English if he knows English but take a step back from that friendship.

    Who means more to you? Your boyfriend or the other guy? Because your actions don't say your boyfriend.

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  • 8 years ago

    Why are you talking to someone else like that if you have a BF. Second, why is your BF there when you do this? If the French speaking person is "way older" then you, that's just creepy!

  • 8 years ago

    I think you should tell him. It's better to let him know about the guy and what you guys are saying. That way it prevents any misconceptions he may have about you and him in the future. Also let him know that you have no interest in this guy and you're just being nice to him by talking to him. I'm sure he'll have no problem believing you if you tell him before he finds out. Just make sure you do let him know as soon as possible. If he finds out before you tell him, it will be harder to explain.Good luck :)

  • 8 years ago

    well cheating does not necessarily mean that only if you are physical with someone

    you are so emotionally involved with the guy, thats emotional cheating no?

    just stop contact with the french guy, tell him ur not comfy being so close

  • 8 years ago

    ummmmm this french guy won't be around for long you're just bored and he's keeping u entertained until you see your boyfriend again.

  • 8 years ago

    Personally and especially as he's way older than you I would block him, to me he sounds like he's getting in the way of your relationship and you're questioning this french guy...If it was me it would be playing on my mind all the time so therefore I would block him! x

    Answer mine?;_ylt=Av...

    Thanks x

  • Jesus
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    8 years ago

    stop talkin to the guy. your leading him on and flirting with the dude while you have a boyfriend

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