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Is this info about circumcision true?

-Protects against 3 common sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, genital herpes and a virus that causes genital warts and cancer)

-Is a form of protection against many other types of diseases and infections that can occur to a man.

-Many of men and their partners prefer the appearance of their penis after circumcision. It is odour-free, feels cleaner, and they enjoy better sex.

-Balanitis, an unpleasant, often recurring, inflammation of the glans that occurs often can be prevented by circumcision.

-More diseases and problems are likely to occur later in life if your child is uncircumcised.

-There will be an extra effort to clean under the foreskin which may be painful.

-Can cause pain when if the foreskin cannot easily be moved when the penis becomes hard as well as during intercourse.

-The foreskin is a warm and moist incubator under which infections can easily develop.

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    1. wrong. every single study trying to prove it did had to be aborted early because of spikes amongst circumcised men and their partners, HPV was debunked long ago and it's bewildering that people even thought it Circs and HIV studies

    2. no. Causes a lot though. Foreskin is a form of protection as it contains antibacterial and antifungals as well as producing smegma which allows penis to self-clean.

    3. False. Only in America is the margin so close - 65% prefer intact. Everywhere else partners can't stand cut.

    4. Wrong. Using circumcision as a prevention is contra-indicated as studies show it makes the problem worse if it's going to be there. Balanitis can be easily rectified without circumcision. link about BXO. Considering how rare it even is it's stupid to try to prevent it. And for the cases there are, aggressive cleaning with strong soap seems to be the cause. It's more common for circumcised men to suffer it

    5. no. it's the other way around. Stats for immediately after: and stats for life-long complications and infections: Damage to penises:

    6. no. You don't clean under the foreskin if it's painful, and later in life you wash the outside with soap and the inside with warm water. No soap should ever get under there or else it could become infected. Same as a woman's vagina. Let it self-clean apart from warm water only to keep it clean, hygienic and sweet-smelling. Foreskins are actually harvested for their antibacterial, antifungal and human bi-valent and tri-valent production for use in medications and cancer research as well as cosmetics and skin grafts due to high quality nerve endings and density of nerves.

    7. No. Foreskin prevents pain for female and skin sloughing off. Foreskin is important for sex. If it hurts the foreskin because it's too dry and too rough, it'll be painful for partner, so neither should be doing it. Foreskin provides lubrication that protects shaft of penis and vagina, as well as glans etc.

    8. Foreskin cools the penis by 2 degrees centigrade. Doesn't heat it up. Hence another reason why more urethra openings (meteuses) are harmed by circumcision and become ulcerated.

    And no, cut penises don't smell better - they smell worse and more strongly of urine. And the sex is far, far worse. Look up "Sex as Nature Intended It" as well as which is a collection of medical literature and studies, and those other sites like Dr Momma to get more info.

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    Circumcision doesn't prevent any diseases or infections, as a matter of fact it increases them.

    HIV and other STD's are higher in the USA than in Europe, Scandinavia, South America and most of Asia, where males are rarely circumcised.

    The foreskin has Langerhans cells, which produce langerin, a substance with known antiviral and antibacterial properties. The foreskin is essential for complete, natural and normal sexual feeling and function.

    The lies and propaganda about the non-existent "benefts" of circumcision are largely promoted by doctors who make money from mutilating male babies, and who are frequently members of the religions that try to impose circumcision on all males.

    If it's wrong to circumcise female minors, it's equally wrong to force male genital mutilation, called circumcision, on male minors, and for exactly the same reasons.

    The foreskin is a "warm and moist incubator?" How about the vagina, and the labial folds? Female circumcision, the amputation of the female foreskin---the clitoral hood, would also reduce the areas where infections can easily develop, if that were true.

    If you're so fond of circumcision, get yourself circumcised, and don't try to force it on defenseless infants.

    Circumcision is a fraud and hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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    My little step-nephew was circumcised after birth. And he has serious problems. His penis falls inside of his body, he always getting so bad infections that once he ewen needs the catheter to pee. if he gets a little erection he crying in the pain... I don't wish for nobody his destiny. Where is guarantee that your baby won't have the same problems in the future? He start to have these problems after 2 years. And he is not only man who has serious circumcision complications. My husband is medical professional and he has allot of patients with different penal problems. Some of these guys have sexual disabillity because of circumcision. Some even not able to have any sex... On other hand I'm from a country where doctors newer selling circumcision for infants. All my male relatives is not circumcised and they newer had any problems. To care about intact boy much easier than about circumcised. And even easier that about newborn girl. Just wipe what you see, and newer retract his foreskin back. Just like finger.

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    Where are you getting this "information" from? It sounds like the type of misinformation that is usually circulated on those circumfetish websites.

    - Protects against STD's? = Isn't that what CONDOMS are for?

    - Protects against "many other diseases and infections"? = Such as those mysterious, unnamed, mythical diseases

    - Many people prefer the appearance? = And many other people DON'T.

    - Odour-free, feels cleaner? = Isn't that what SHOWERS and SOAP are for?

    - Enjoy better sex? = Actually, that one is just a flat out lie. The intact penis has more nerve endings, is more sensitive, is self lubricating and provides a gliding motion to reduce friction.

    - Balantis? = So rare that most guys never get it. It can also be prevented by that thing called HYGIENE.

    - More "diseases"? = You said that already. It was false then and it still is. What are these mystery diseases?

    - Cleaning under the foreskin? = Takes 5 extra seconds in the shower and often leads to an erection because it feels GOOD.

    - Can cause pain? = So can your arm if it's deformed. But a NORMAL foreskin doesn't cause pain.

    - Your ear holes are a warm, moist incubator under which infections can easily develop. That's why you CLEAN THEM!

    I hope you see just how ridiculous these "point" you are making really sound, and how they could only come from a circumfetish website with misleading information. I'd advise you to do a little more research on the topic before spreading rubbish like this in the future. The intact penis is no less hygienic than a VAGINA! Think about that for a moment.

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    None are true, just attempted justification for the mutilation of little infant boys. 80% of all males on the planet are intact, natural, and don't have any medical problems due to being natural. Just stupid to try and justify the removal of the foreskin as medically necessary when it is not.

    Fact is, it is a purely religious practice that was spread to the general population during WW2. Jews in Europe were the only ones cut, so suspected jews would be forced to drop their pants in the street if confronted by patrols to prove whether they were jews or not. Many jews escaped and came to the US, where suddenly it became a medical necessity for all males to be cut, not just jews. At one point well over 95% of all boys were being circumcised in the US. In Canada the same thing, they wised up way before the US did and now it is not a covered procedure under insurance. Why did it become popular all of a sudden? because the jewish medical community determined that if all males were circumcised, jews could not be rounded up based on their being circumcised.

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    I have a 2 year old son. before he was born we had a decision to make on the matter of circumcision. I looked up a lot of info at various websites. There didn't seem to be any overly compelling argument either way until I went on youtube and saw and heard one being done on a newborn. It's like a torture session. The Doctor doesn't even care he just keeps working on that poor screaming babies penis. It's the most mortifying thing I have ever seen. I just kept thinking he can't talk yet stop torturing him. They use anesthesia on adults that decide to have it done and torture babies that have no choice. Then they tell the parents that the baby just slept through it like it

    somehow wasn't pain-full.

    The extra effort to clean the foreskin? Let's cut some more and you won't have to clean anything down there.

    Source(s): youtube
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    No. This comes from people that don't have all of their penis and want everyone else to be the same. It has on the basis of people that have NO clue about a natural penis. It stems from the misinformed notion that the foreskin traps dirt between itself and the glans.This of course only happens if you stick your penis in dirt and don't clean it. The foreskin is there to keep dirt OUT (as well as keep moisture in and reduce needless air exposure), and actually does a pretty decent job of it too.

    There are no real world studies that show cutting off penis parts helps prevent HIV, HPV and other sexually transmitted infections in men! In the US no lowering of HIV risk has been noted, and the US has a high circumcised adult population with a high HIV rate and Europe and Japan have a very low number of adults that are circumcised and have a very low HIV rate. In the US only number of sexual partners and NOT circumcision status is linked to HPV. There is clear evidence that baby boy penis parts removal does not shield the man the baby becomes from STDs in developed nations.

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    I got clinically diagnosed with the herpes simplex virus (type 2) about 5 yrs ago, when I was still in college and had a dumb one-night stand. I know lots of girls say this, but I swear I had never done that sort of thing before. I just made a huge mistake that one time and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to have to live with the implications for my entire life. The worst part was feeling I could never date other men again. In the end, who wants to go out with someone that has sores round her private parts? But since a friend shared this movie everything improved.

    Not only was I able to eliminate all remnants of the herpes virus from my system in less than three weeks, but I was also able to begin dating again. I even met the guy of my dreams and I'm so fortunate to write that just last week, in front of everybody in a busy restaurant, he got down on one knee and proposed to me! This method gave me back the opportunity to be happy and experience true love again. Now I want to help others by sharing this story.

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    All individual points you mention are not true and have been proven to be myths by scientific research and studies. It does not protect from any diseases or infections, it is not cleaner, it is basically a mutilation for profit or religious reasons.

    As far as phimosis or balanitis are concerned: Pulling all teeth is a safe way to 100% avoid caries, but this fact doesn't make pulling all teeth as a precautionary measure a good idea.

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    8 years ago

    Yep, every point you made above is 100% Accurate.

    Those who are not circumcised get angry about the pros of being circumcised because they are unable to benefit from it unless they go and get circumcised themselves.

    As a result of there anger they go into a "defense" mode where they make up endless empty excuses for why being uncircumcised is "good" when everyone knows that it clearly isn't because of all the problems that can come from a foreskin.

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