Game console emulator?

A while back I had this program that I think had the letter x in the name it allowed me to play majority of old console games on my computer certain consoles were free but you had to pay to play other ones. I forgot the name of this software and I would really like to get it again. If you know of another one that would be great I don't mind paying for hard work. It has to play multiple consoles, I am not looking to download games, I just want to pick a game play it and move onto the next that software i had did that but it was on a old computer that I no longer have... Any help would be appreciated...


It does exist because I used it so I know its out there I just cant remember the name...

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    I don't think that really exists, but you can just download seperate emulators.

    PS1 - ePSxe

    PS2 - PCSX2

    Wii - Dolphin

    DS - DeSmume

    GBA - Visual Boy Advance

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