How can I get my parents to buy me concert tickets?

Yesterday I asked my parents if I could go and see Mayday Parade in October. They said that they were fine with me going as long as I had an adult with me, and that we would have  to talk later about who would take me & what time I would have to get back.

But now whenever I ask to talk about it they always have "more important things" to do. They keep putting it off  and we never actually get round to talking about it. I know if I keep going on about it they're likely to get annoyed and not let me go anyway, but it seems like they have forgotten about it.

They don't seem to care about it and I think they're just hoping I'll forget soon enough of they don't mention it, but Mayday Parade are one of my favourite bands, and I would give anything to see them live.

 How could I get them to actually talk to me about it? 

Also, how could I persuade them to let me and some friends go without an adult? I would need someone to drive us there, since I'm only 14 and it's half an hour away, but we're all sensible enough to go alone.. 

I just really, REALLY want those tickets! My parents don't seem to understand how much I want to go.

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  • 8 years ago
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    well Keziah this is pretty simple to answer. Do chores around the house, do many things for your parents to feel you are responsible enough. Wash your own clothes, dishes, clean parts of the house, ask moms in kitchen if she needs help cooking, ask pop if he needs help out in the yard. Make your parents your friends, open up to them. Bring those who will be attending the concert around your parents so that they can say so and so is a good kid. Parents know what's best, win them by earning it. ;) Have fun at the concert.

  • 4 years ago

    i could ask them in the event that they had be prepared to do a fee plan. Or do chores to pay for the fee ticket. Or the two. once you're working for it they are going to comprehend you somewhat need it and you're a to blame individual.

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