Is there any way to download 3DS ROMS on my 3DS?

I used to do this with my DS lite. I would go to any website and download games for free, and copy them to my R4i card, and play them normally. I was wondering if this works with the 3DS. I know that the 3DS can use R4i to play DS games, but is there a newer card that can play 3DS games? Please help and i will choose a best answer ;) And if there is, can u give me links where to download these 3DS roms?


@RoMee... but i found some sites where 3ds roms are downloadable for free. what are those?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Although like you said ROMS exist,pecuilair enough, no Flashcard or Emulator Exists as of yet.

    reason is because while its easy enough to remove the data from a card,

    its alot more difficult to make a flashcard work, as the 3DS has alot of Security blocks

    that keeps updating.

    (they are working on a flashcard though. so its not like nobody is trying)

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    3ds Roms Download Free

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    8 years ago


    No flash cart can play 3DS roms.


    Roms are available, but that doesn't mean there's a flash cart that could play them.

    Right now nothing can play 3DS roms.

    Also.... no one knows if those roms even work because no one can test them.

  • 7 years ago

    you can play 3DS games by using the Gateway 3DS Flashcart! its the best flashcart that can play and support 600 3ds game versions. you only need to have a 3DS with a firmware version 4.0 or 4.5! And if you are looking for a working 3DS game then you can get by following this link into your web browser.

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  • 8 years ago

    couple of sites that sell them

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