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What're some large dog breed that gets along well with cats?

I'll be getting an apartment soon, and I hope to get a dog. I also want to adopt my boss's cat, because my boss doesn't really want her anymore. I work in a grooming salon and the cat is used to being around dogs, so hopefully she shouldn't be a problem.

I like larger dogs, preferably over 35 pounds but not more than seventy pounds, just in case I have to pick up the dog for whatever reason. Does anyone have any breed recommendations for me? I'll probably end up adopting a mutt of some sort, so I'll be watching for the breeds making the mutt.


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    I think it really depends on the individual dog, your best bet if to try and adopt a dog who has lived with a cat before and got on fine with them.

    Generally breeds with a high prey drive are not a good idea to get with smaller pets like cats, so Siberian Huskies for example and Alaskan Malamutes or Akita's but that doesn't mean to say that those breeds cannot live with and get alone with a cat, I'm sure many of them do, it's just it can be a bit of a risk I think. Like I said though it really depends on the dog.

    I think also Greyhounds are not typically a great idea to have with a cat.

    I think you should just contact your local dog rescue centres and they will try and find you a dog which is a good match to your situation and they would help you find one which is good with cats.

    What about a Golden Retriever, a Lab, a Beagle or an English Springer Spaniel? All of those breeds are naturally very social and can do good with cats.

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    There's no set breed that gets along with cats. Properly introduced, trained, and socialized dogs get along with cats. And YOU are the one who makes them that way.

    Since you said you'll probably end up adopting a shelter mutt of some sort, why not look on for adoptable dogs or go to your local shelter? Save a life.

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    Depends entirely on the dog itself and how you introduce the dog to the cat (plus how trained the dog is). As of now my family own a Boxer mix (Boxer,American Staff and Rhodesian Ridgeback). Two of those breeds have high prey drive/animal aggression, yet he is absolutely fine of cats (we own two cats in the house).

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    Shelters will often "cat test" dogs so you know if they'll get along. It is how they are raised. I've always had herding dogs and they've gotten along great with my cats, but Labs or just about any breed can be fine.

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    An English springer spaniel they are medium sized dogs but they are very very lovely and great working or companion dogs :)

    Source(s): I have one and he gets on with the cat
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