I am in love with a girl from the second side of the world. What I should do?

I am in love with a girl, who lives on the second edge of the world. I live in the Netherlands she is from USA. Since we know each other we have very good click and many in common. We spend much together, mostly we just have silly and fun conversations . We know each other for like good two years, but for a year we talk on a daily basis. Our current status is best friends. But I have deeper feelings for her . I never told, her how I do feel about her, but I know she sees my as a friend. I know I should forget her. But I have not met before a girl, like her before. She is simply like me :P

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  • 8 years ago
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    Powiedz jej.

    Tell her. Life is too short, the worst that can happen is she'll respond by being surprised. One thing is for sure, you need to deal with it, two years is not a crush anymore. So for the sake of your sanity, tell her, perhaps its the same the other way around, you'll never know unless you guys talk about it.

    and btw, The world is really small nowadays. She is about 8-14 hrs inna plane away from you. Not that far when you think about it, especially if you consider that the one true love... is boundless.

    Source(s): My last 6 months away from the love of my life, my wonderful wife.
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