How do I clear out the "other" section on my iPod?

My 8GB iPod touch has about .84GB of "other". How do I get rid of this? Would restoring it work? And if so, would I lose all my apps and music and progress in the apps?


A friend of mine said backing it up would save any "corrupted files" into the backup. Is that true?

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  • 8 years ago
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    "Other" refers to content that comes preinstalled by Apple such as the music and settings apps. They cannot be removed.

  • Billy
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    8 years ago

    Yeah a lot of the other section is app data, lyrics, and album artwork, and corrupted data.

    If you restore your iPod make sure you back it up first and then restore from back up. This allows you to keep all your music and apps and even the achievements from your apps.

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