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Why did Rugby get cut from the Olympics?

Are there any plans or talk of reinstating it?

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    The 1924 'riot', the absence of competitors – no full Olympic tournament ever had more than three entries! – and the retirement of De Courbertin (a rugby fan) killed off Olympic rugby.

    Proper rugby will never return. The recovery time necessary between matches is too great to allow a tournament to be played in less that three weeks. Rugby sevens will be played from 2016, but sevens ain't rugby.

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    you mean why was it cut from the olympics after 1924??

    because on the final play, the spectators rushed the field to attack the winning american players..

    they had to hold the medal ceremony under police protection..

    That's when they dropped the event..

    They're talking about including Rugby Sevens in the 2016 Olympics

    oh, and don't click on the link that other guy posted.. it's a malware site

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