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Ive liked this guy for about a year now but I was wondering how I should talk to him/ask him out?

I'm by far the most popular or skinny girl - I'm curvy and have a lil bit of a tummy and my friends say I've got a pretty face - I'm a bit shy but when it comes to guys, but once I get a bf Im completely myself ... The guy I like is super skinny and hangs with the coolish guys but is a complete nerd - like me - and we go to different campuses - there's a guys and a girls school - but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of how I could talk to him? It would be much appreciated :)

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    I was sorta in the same predicament, but it didn't end up well because he just didn't like me, but if this guy likes you and you like him, then i would just be myself and talk to him normally, and if you get to the point where you should ask him out, then just be like "heyy would you like to go hang out sometime or grab something to eat", but just the two of you. If he says yeah sure then i would just go for it, i totally understand being nervous and shy, i get that way sometimes to, but if this guys is your friend and you really like him, then i would just go for it, i wouldn't doubt it for one second. I hope everything works out for you i hope this helps :D good luck :)

    Source(s): my own experiences, and the way i think :D
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    If ur the most popular skinny beautiful curvy girl, dont go out with a dork like him ;)

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