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Why is Bacteria with water regain oxygen Along with a micro -collision .?

I'm working to be a Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Chemist, Microbiologist, and writer . Though I have a question About bacteria (microbiology) . So you know that we approximately 2000 trillion bacteria ( each cell in our body has approximately 20 bacteria ) . And you know that water (H20) is a percentage of our body . So I know that Bacteria such as Bad Bacteria (Turbercloisis) can regain oxygen , so bacteria reproduces with collision (micro) any bacteria , If it has water into it regaining it and oxygen , so with blood and blood cells , would that be a bad thing , since blood in not red (it looks like that because of oxygen ) So that would take up water and make us sick . Also , I'm not counting archea and eukaraya .

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    You should concentrate on being a writer. Start by learning how to write sentences in intelligible English - your question is impenetrable nonsense.

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