Whats the significance of the number of pages in a book to a publisher.?

If you are a first time writer and trying to get a book published,what would it affect if you have only a few pages in your book.say you have about 170 pages;would a pubisher be less likely to accept it,would the money or deal be significantly different,etc.if you know of any aspects this would affect please let me know.

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  • Joss
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    8 years ago
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    Publishing goes strictly by word count, not page count. Your page count can easily change in your word document by simply changing your formatting. Also, a page in your word document does not necessarily equal a page in a physical book - it depends on the formatting for the book.

    So, there's no 'consideration' given to the number of pages you have in your word document. It's irrelevant.

    How many words is your 170 pages? You need to come somewhere close to word count standards for genre (you can be over or under by some, but if its by too much then some agents will give you an automatic rejection based on word count alone); it's harder to sell books that are too long or too short by a debut author. If your novel is great and worth an agents time helping you edit it then they might take you on as a client, or they might give you suggestions on how to change it and ask you to resubmit (R&R - rewrite and resubmit). OR, they might just reject it outright.

    would the money or deal be significantly different

    -- publishing contracts are too complicated to over-generalize. It depends on too many factors and not every pub contract is the same. It also varies per publishing house.

    if you know of any aspects this would affect please let me know.

    -- I dont' know how many words your ms is, but it could have different consequences (see what I said above), but it really does depend on the agent. If it's great then they might take a look at it regardless of word count; again, depends on the agent and they're all different.

    You can find some websites by literary agents with some general word count standards. For instance, if your book is an adult sci-fi and it's only 40,000 words then that's too short for the genre and category (adult). If it's a commercial fiction YA then 40,000 might be okay - though many publishers prefer a 50,000 minimum for YA. Middle Grade (9-12 y/o) and books for younger children will be shorter than 50k.

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    If your story has been told the best you know how to do...then let it alone. I believe that stories themselves dictate the number of pages a novel will be. But that's just me. An editor might love your story and want more in certain places. That's okay. Developing a story more in places doesn't hurt. I'd do what the editor requests, as they have insights you might not have seen when you were writing it.

    Two hundred pages and above seems to be the norm. For teens, it's usually anything over one hundred and fifty pages. No. The money or deal would not be different, provided it's good enough to be published.

    The challenge for any author who has written a book is getting it published. Traditional publishing houses are changing daily, as the world of publishing and technology evolves faster than most can keep up. Self-publishing is a realistic option. It didn't used to be. You can self-publish much quicker than traditional publishing houses. All publishers must work at marketing books. Traditional publishing houses have many outlets to market your book. Self-publishers require much more author participation and money. In other words, an author who self-publishes needs to do his/her own marketing and promoting. The internet is a miraculous tool for that, though. So like I said, there are more options today than yesterday for an author to publish their book. You need to research both.

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    Well, the length of a book is measured in number of words. It's more difficult, in general, to sell longer books as first novels. Selling a super long book would be like deciding to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a 3 hour movie made by an unknown director (without a best-selling book or comic superhero to back it up). Could it work? Sure. But most film production companies wouldn't want to take the risk.

    But this is VERY general and typically only affects the very long books (120,000+ words) or very short books (40,000 words)

  • John H
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    8 years ago

    The only significance is printing cost and production time. If the quality of the writing is there, then very little consideration is given to page count.

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