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How do I show my parents im ready for a horse ?

Im only 13. But i fell in love with this one horse and Im trying to show them im responsible enough for him. I love him way too much to just let him go. Hes perfect for me. how do I show them Im ready???

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    Get a job and pay for everything the horse needs.

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    Ask your mother or father's to hire a horse first. You can also not need to but if which you can take care of "1/2" of the chores a horse comes with, that you can exhibit them that you are competent for the true deal. I might endorse saving up your possess cash to pay for the horse yourself and tack. Get a job so you could pay for the monthly fees your self. Then it may be your horse and no longer be up to your dad and mom. Just be certain you completely recognize the amount of labor that goes into a horse. Possibly ask your pal if that you may care for their horse at the same time they are on vacation or something.

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    8 years ago

    Do u have exsperience riding, caring? Im 13 and i have a horse, it spent 6 years in a riding school, thats how i earned him! You should see if you can part loan this horse first. Personlly i think u should forget about this horse, until u know ur parents say "yes" or "maybe " as u dont want ur heart broken xx

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    You can be as responsible as anything, but can your family actually afford the horse? It's like having a second mortgage, a huge financial drain. If your family can't afford it, you can't have the horse.

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    8 years ago

    Try talking about this to your parents and explain them how much you are in love with the horse.Cheers

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    8 years ago

    get a volunteer job at a stable mucking stalls.

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