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I always have cramps when i have tae kwon do?

So I have been doing tae kwon do for a while and i always have cramps... This week I have to take my black belt test and I'm afraid I'm going to get a cramp cause I always do during class... So I need ways to get rid of cramps fast!! Plz HELP!!

Thank you! :)

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    Take some pain medicine and make sure you stretch out. Dont eat a big meal before the test and don't drink alot of water right before. Drink a good amount of water the night before and maybe a bottle an hour before the test. Most importantly if you get one during the test SUCK IT UP and dont let them see you're in pain.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): 2nd degree blackbelt in taekwondo
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    Pickles, orange juice and bananas. Eat a banana and drink some orange juice at breakfast or 30 minutes before you get physical. Problem solved. Potassium is what does the trick!

    Source(s): RN/Medic
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    Cramps where legs or stomach?

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