Can any pastor of the Baptist Faith answer this?

Deacon "Man of One Wife" situations not covered in I Timothy text:I have read, and I have taken what every person has stated. There is much dis tastement on views. I understand what is written in the BIBLE. My question is this. What is a man to do if his wife divorced him without just cause, without true merit. The man fought not to have the divorce, requested marriage counseling, requested not to honor the divorce. The "Judge" in a court advised the man he would grant the divorce whether he signed it or not!! The man placed an X on the paper refusing to sign his name, becuase he did not want a divorce but, the divorce was granted just because the wife petitioned it. The woman only left due to her just being tired of being married. Does it mean the man can not be a Deacon because he had no choice in the decision to be divorced? Are we saying "a man of one wife" is subject to mans law in breaking GOD'S law and a man is no fit to serve the church due to the actions of the other person? I respect all opinions, but dont agree!!

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    8 years ago
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    In the eyes of the court, the man is divorced. In the eyes of God, he remains married. Since he is still married, he cannot marry again. But, he remains the husband of one wife. Whether or not he is permitted to be a deacon is up to the individual congregation. Of course, if he chooses to remarry, he violates the covenant marriage in which he remains.

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    8 years ago

    Trying to find an answer to life's problems in the New Testament, using a court of law paradigm, is an exercise in futility, friend.

    Not that you would believe it anyway, but the requirement given to be a deacon is speaking of "one wife at a time", as opposed to polygamy. It is not dealing with divorce.

    Also, the scriptures dealing with divorce are not listing some New Testament rules and regulations, they are ridiculing the very fact that people were fighting over trying to drag the Old testament laws back into their lives.

    Good luck in your endeavors, neighbor

  • Rick
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    8 years ago

    I am not a pastor but the divorce is valid he is free to find another wife and still be a deacon, if the church does not agree he should find a new church.

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    scripture is written to be taken in balance, with various verses giving definition and balance to one another. we cannot simply take one group verses like the passages in 1 timothy 3:1-14 and say that is the last word on the matter.

    first of all, there are other scriptures which shed light on this subject in 1 corinthians chapter 7 which speak of the subject of marriage and divorce and say that if a husband or wife leaves and divorces their spouse, then the spouse is to let them leave and be at peace over the matter and that they are not under bondage to that marriage.

    but apart from that, the verses in 1 timothy chapter 3 regarding being the husband of one wife actually refers to the practice of having more than one wife. paul left timothy behind to head up the church in ephesus and there was a great deal of gentile or heathen practice going on in ephesus as it was a strong hold of worship of the goddess diana which encouraged multiple wives, so paul simply reiterated to timothy in his letter that the leaders of the church needed to be men who set a good example in their personal lives which the newly converted believers of ephesus could follow part of which included that they must be married to only one woman at a time and be in proper control of their households.

    so that scripture actually means that they must be married to only one woman at a time. it could not mean that they could never be remarried in the case of divorce or death of the first wife. that is simply not the nature of God. there are many examples throughout scripture of leaders of God's people having more than one wife in their lifetimes. men like moses, who remarried after the death of his first wife, abraham who remarried after sarah died, etc.

    also, it is to be remembered that the believers at ephesus were not jews for the most part, so they came into the church with little or no understanding or knowledge of God. timothy was a jew who was raised by a devout mother and grandmother who taught him the old testament scriptures. one must remember that there was no new testament during these times and all the churches had access to were the old testament scriptures. so in order to keep new believers from falling into the errors of men like king david and his son solomon, who both had multiple wives, but were both violating the old testament laws regarding this, paul reminded timothy to be sure that the leaders of the church were being obedient to the old testament laws which required leaders not to "multiply wives unto themselves" and in that way, they would be able to explain to the new converts in ephesus that they should learn from david and solomon but not follow in their ways.

    hope this helps you. i am not a baptist anymore though. got filled with the Holy Ghost and have been pentacostal for years.

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