Can you transfer all of your info from old iPod to new iPod?

Okay, so. I was in the car last night. I put my iPod on the armrest thing in our car. :/ My mom stopped to slow down, trying to avoid deer. My iPod slid off of it, into my dads watered down tea. It is messed up now. The screen works but its really hard to touch things on it. I am planning on getting a new one if I cant fix this one. *any remedies to help?* It has water in it. So I think its unfixable. :/ I hope I can transfer pictures, videos, apps, songs, etc. to a new iPod. But I am very upset that I have to reset EVERYTHING. Help?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Someone told me to put it in rice. I don't know if its wet, cold, warm or dry but you can research it as it helped with my friend.

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  • 8 years ago

    When you put in the new iPod have as a backup of Caitlyn's old iPod. That should save some of its info, most actually

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