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What does Flo Rida mean by saying "Got it on replay, like he just broke a needle?"?

I'm not a native speaker of english and trying to translate JLo's last song "Goin' in" into my language but i couldnt understand the statement "Got it on replay, like he just broke a needle"

and there is one more thing. while saying "i'm goin in", does jlo mean she is just entering a place? or is there a different meaning? thanks for your interest

here is the the part of lyrics:


To night feels like we can do anything we like, oh

To night feels like the best night of my life

I'm goin' in [x5]

[Flo Rida:]

Hands go up the ceiling

Nobody moves, nobody get shot Next round's on me

I love a hot mami with her round on me

So I never get enough of yelling, ven aqui

Miss officer on duty, J.Lo what they call her

Take me to jail, cause I wanna be your robber

Put me in a cell if you really need to holler

Put me in a cell, free dial Flo Rida, head

Into the sky, put your hands on rocks

Somebody tell em please that the club is mi casa

Shawty wanna freak, on the way you call papa

Gotta make them sing high notes like Oprah

With an ego, I got four leo

Even the DJ, wanna rep Puerto Rico

Got it on replay, like he just broke a needle

Whatever that he say, better listen up people

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    On a vinyl record player, which most DJs will use, the music is created by a needle running round the record. So if you break the needle the record could play on repeat. He's trying to say his song is so good that the DJ is playing it repeatedly.

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    The may just simply need to say 'you're attractive' or 'you're very beautiful' however he may also be very shy and as an alternative say 'you're lovable' due to the fact that he is also frightened of rejection if he throws around compliments so without difficulty. On the opposite band he may say 'you're adorable' in view that of a particular way you smiled or whatever about your eyes that made his heart flutter and his head spin even as even as despatched a flood of blood rushing by way of his pants. So he says 'your lovely' when he really wants to claim 'you're so rattling sizzling!!!!!'

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    he's mentioning Dj playing his song over and over, by needle he's referring to a record. ;)

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