Which computer degree should I pursue?

I've been a music teacher for 6 years and I'm tired of the job and the job search. I love computers but I'm not exactly happy at the thought of acquiring more student loans. I'm also nervous because I've never done anything besides be in school (as a student and teacher). I'd like to start off by maybe getting an associates degree in a computer related field with the option of this either being enough education for a change of career or the option of continuing on to a higher degree if I choose. My local community college offers computer science, computer systems technology, and computer information systems. I'm also wondering how hard it is to get a job in this field and what kinds of places hire. Thanks!!

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    8 years ago
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    I, myself, am studying in the CIS (Computer Information Systems) branch, going for a bachelor's in ISS (Information Systems Security). With this degree you can land government jobs as well as jobs at pretty much any corporation that relies on data protection (which is pretty much any and every company).

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