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how do i get my mouse to move?

ok on my laptop a few days ago it was working fine and now like the mouse on it won't move it sits still like it's frozen and i try like all this crap but i can't figure out why it won't work the rest of the laptop is working fine except for the mouse please give me ideas to fix it

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    My laptop (a Toshiba satellite) has this button right above the track pad that will lock the mouse. A lot of new laptops have buttons like this. If you don't see a button like this just restart the laptop (hold down the power button for about 10 seconds to force it to shut down) and it should turn the track pad back on.

    If this first part does not fix it. Try taking a mouse from a desktop PC (one that is usb) and plug it into the laptop. If that mouse works then the problem is the track pad and you will probably have to send it to be fixed.

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    If its some sort of laptop isnt there a button next to the off button like isnt there more buttons on top try to press those

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