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A Liberal told me that the person who killed MLK was "racist." Why are Liberals always playing the race card?


James Earl Ray simply disagreed with MLK's policies. He was not a racist.

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    James Earl Ray was a self proclaimed racist. He even asked to be moved while in prison because he could not live with the black inmates.

    Was his hatred of blacks the sole reason he shot MLK? We'll probably never know.

    But there is little doubt that James Earl Ray was a card carrying, KKK meeting attendee, take your white hood to the dry cleaner southern racist.

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    Democrats didn't kill MLK. MLK was a Republican until the Republican Party began waging a war on civil rights in the 1960s. The Democratic Party encouraged free thinking and promised to protect the civil liberties of everyone, regardless of their skin color. MLK switched parties and can be seen actively campaigning for LBJ in photos taken during the 1964 Presidential Election.

    At their core, everyone is racist. Although Harry Truman made racist comments, he desegregated the armed forces. What speaks louder, actions or words? Robert Byrd was a former KKK member who opposed equal rights for black people. In his later years he would come to regret what he had said early in his political career and supported civil rights legislation. George Wallace stood in the doorway of a segregated school so that black students couldn't attend and he would later express regret at his past actions.

    The Democratic Party has never supported a platform of racism. In the Civil War Era, the South was dominated by Democratic voters. That doesn't mean the Party supported slavery. The war wasn't being fought for slavery, it was being fought for state's rights, something the South felt was being threatened. Voters in the North who were supporters of the Democratic Party opposed slavery as well. The Democratic Presidential Nominee who opposed Republican Nominee Abraham Lincoln was an opponent of slavery too. It would help if these neocons would take time out of their day to stop being angry and sit down to read a history book.

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    Yeah so what's with this Race Card. I thought you needed a ticket to get in the races!!!

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    Actually, the FBI believes that Democrat, James Earl Ray, killed MLK for the $100,000 bounty the KKK had on MLK's head though he, himself, did not belong to the KKK.

    Who among American politics was known to have been a member of the KKK? Robert Byrd and George Wallace, and let's not forget Strom Thurman who ran for the presidency on the States Right's Democratic Party ticket, which extolled the virtues of segregation.

    In a nutshell, it was the Democrats who killed MLK. Reps had nothing to do with it.

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    You can tell a lamestream conservative by asking what the thinks of Looter King.

    If he calls him "Dr" then he's a lamestreamer. Looter King plagiarized his Ph.D thesis. Multiple european high level politicians have been forced to step down from their position because it's been found out that they committed plagiarism and are thus seen as unworthy of holding the position. Not because they do not have Ph.D's but because they are liars. Yet Looter King still has his own national holiday while the founders don't.

    Looter King was controlled by communists and his "dream" was a nightmare for whites. Blacks have waged a civil war against whites ever since and it has been far more destructive than America's wars starting from Vietnam.

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    The liberal is wrong, people are not racist their environment growing up was.

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    Yeah,. like we'd BELIEVE that you'd ever listen to what a liberal was saying... ;)

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    If that racist had been a better shot he could have gotten two for the price of one and we wouldn't have Jesse Jackson going around promoting riots.

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    So this person knows who killed MLK?

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    Well, what other reason can there be. We will never know.....

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