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Christians... If god created everything, who created god?

Don't go off topic with your preaching non sense either, just answer the question.



So you are saying he magically appeared in thin air? Kind of reminds me of a few things i've heard before... Unicorns, Santa Claus, Tooth fairy... Y'know.

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    By definition, the Christian God never came into existence; that is, He is the uncaused cause (Psalm 90:2). He was always in existence and He is the one who created space, time, and matter. This means that the Christian God is the uncaused cause, and is the ultimate creator. This eliminates the infinite regression problem.

    Some may ask, "But who created God?" The answer is that by definition He is not created; He is eternal. He is the One who brought time, space, and matter into existence. Since the concept of causality deals with space, time, and matter, and since God is the one who brought space, time, and matter into existence, the concept of causality does not apply to God since it is something related to the reality of space, time, and matter. Since God is before space, time, and matter, the issue of causality does not apply to Him.

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    God created time and isn't something as small and ignorant as magic. Because you cannot even begin to understand it doesn't mean that it does not exist... would God be God if you could understand His ways? You use your God given mere 5 senses to determine what you believe is the all in all, don't you think the God can make so much more than what we are and the time and space we live in now. The things of the Spirit will not be understandable by people that have none of the Spirit of God in them. If you want to understand the owners manual...the Bible.

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    The thought of a created God is absurd... God has continuously been neither having a commencing up nor an ending. How is birthing technology, coming up the college equipment, instilling into regulation the assumption of organic regulation (human rights), the scientific institution equipment, homeless shelters, orphanages retaining humanity back. maybe you will desire to start doing all your individual study relatively than only parroting the common nonsense parroted via atheists and skeptics - you relatively might look much less like an fool!

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    No one can Create the Creator. That doesn't even make CENTS?

    God Bless Ya,

    Chicago Bob


    There is more joy in Jesus in one day.

    Than there is in the World 365/24/7

    I know, I tried them both.

    Numbers 6:24-26

    Source(s): GOD!
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    Thank you for finding Faith through your question.

    The Big Bang occurred and then with light and "BOOM" there was consciousness in the Universe. Not to proselytize but that is why the Gospel of John begins with, "in the beginning was the Word." Then with smaller Bangs in the Universe a new Angel is born.

    The sciences and faiths work hand in hand.

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    This is actually a better question than most people realize. Theists often ask atheists how something can come from nothing. But god doesn't solve that problem. It just adds another far more complicated factor to the equation and removes us one step from solving the original question. This is where Occam's Razor comes in.

  • According to science, it is quite possible for someone to exist outside of time, and thus be able to always exist without ever having been created.

    Both creation and evolution requires that we believe this, anyway. The difference is that Creationism requires that we believe an intelligent Being knows how to exist outside of time and can therefore always have existed, whereas Evolutionism requires that we believe that random dust knows how to exist outside of time and thus always have existed.

    Which makes more sense to you, that an Intelligent Being knows how to exist outside of time, or random dust does?

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    If only we had the answer to that one!!!!! We live is a created world, so we don't understand things that are not part of our created life. This to shall end and we will see the whole picture.

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    No one created God. God has always been, and is Spirit, and lives in a spiritual world called heaven.The words of God say that he is 'from everlasting to everlasting.

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    How do you know the tooth fairy doesn't exist? Or Santa clause? You don't.

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