Android Google Account Log In?

My Android phone Samsung Galaxy s2 is working pretty normal but there is a bug i cannot fix. I can normally log in to my google account on browser of my phone or on my pc. But when i try to log in to google store a problem appears. I enter my password then i am asked for word cheking box (for security) i write what is written in the box and then it goes back to same screen and again asks my password, as i enter same processes goes on. I am pretty annoyed. Could anyone help me?

Also i cannot log in gmail program and my gmail account cannot synchronize.


1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    i think you should take it to your carrier's store... it's their job to get it fixed for you. it could be that you have a faulty device... sometimes smartphones aren't so smart. or maybe it's a fail on google's part, either way... it's something you can't fix by yourself.

    alternatively .. you should take out the battery to reset the phone.

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