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Should I Break Up with him?


I am heena staying in UAE basically I am from Pakistan but I born and brought up here in UAE. And he is from pune India we met before 2 years at that time we was very good friend, he told each and everything about his family and he got engaged before coming here and all. After some time v fall in love but at that time also he said he has committed to someone. I was thinking at that time my love and time will change everything but nothing is happened like that we are loving to each other and we don’t have any physically relation but now as time has come that he is going back for his marriage we both are in tension neither wants to lose me and not his family sometime he is thinking about that girl who is waiting for him since last three years.

No one knows about our relation but for me he is my everything please suggest me what should i do.

I am nothing without him please guide me

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The things is that you knew that he was committed to somebody else. In some countries they arrange the marriages and the sons and daughters have no say so. You should had never started anything with him because you will be the one left behind and heartbroken. I do not try to be mean here but you knew the situation. The guy you with will not stay with you because he has no choice in this matter. But also he should had never looked around for a relationship. I think he just had his fun for a few years and now he moves on. I would let him go now and try as best as you can to get over him. It will be hard but you do not want to stand at the airport and wave good bye to him forever.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    a) Yes you should break up with him because he'll marrying someone else soon.You'll meet another guy better than him soon. Don't waste your life on him.


    b) If you really love him and he love you. Then you should tell to your family about your relationship after that meet his family at India to be frank with the family about the relationship

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  • LilJoe
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    8 years ago

    pull your vail off, go get you a NICE pork chop and some biscuits and dont worry.If you are attractive, there will be other guys come along..If your covered up from head to toe with a ring thru your nose and a dot on your head, wearing a HOLIDAY INN T-SHIRT, you can FORGET IT.

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