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What issues is RIM (blackberry) facing?

I am doing some research for a project i have for my microeconomics class. i'm supposed to talk about current issues facing a firm or industry.

i decided to make my project over the makers of the blackberry phones, and i really thought it would be simple to find information online, but i just can't seem to find anything... the only pieces i've been able to find are articles that are too opinion based... i need facts.

do you guys think RIM is a failing company? i remember it was the top company back in the day b4 the iphone/android.

of course competition is a major issue here, but is it a perfectly competitive market? i'm not so sure about that.

i'm kind of lost... does anyone know any other type of issue the company is facing? i read online that it is expected to disappear next year (2013).

or if anybody had any other tips or maybe a different firm/industry facing an issue... i'm not exactly 100% sure if RIM is a good example to use for my project.

any help is appreciated!

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    RIM is a very good subject.

    Failing or not? You decide:

    Source A: Google’s Matias Duarte says the door is still open to the dying Research in Motion

    - "If you thought things are looking bad for RIM, they are about to get a whole lot worse."

    - "[...] They’ve lost $518 million in the last quarter, and they are about to cut 5,000 jobs, or around a third of their global workforce. That doesn’t look like a company that it’s going to survive much longer on its own. But even more important than the bad news about the Blackberry’s sales performance, is the bad news about the RIM’s future, which is supposed to be BB10. [...]"

    Source B: The Sunday Times: RIM considers selling handset division to Facebook or Amazon

    - "[...] However, the fairytale ended as abruptly as it started for Research in Motion, a company that is now closer to bankruptcy than it is to world domination [...]"

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