need you opinion for engraving will pick best answer!!!!?

im make a camera necklace for my mom. im going to put another little gem thing to the side that going to have a quote. please pick your favorite. i pick these because its a camera necklace.

1. smile

2. capture life

3. capture life and smile

yeah yeah i know the last one was a combination but i like them both so i want to know what you think about the two together. please comment which one is best. i will pick best answer!!!!!!!! thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hmm they are all good :) Its really hard to pick one but I like the 3nd one, 'Capture Life and Smile' !!

    It'll make you mom smile each and every time she'll look at it :)

    Hope I Helped :)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Capture Life and Smile :)

  • Rachel
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Of course the last one makes most sense.

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