As an EU migrant worker, is it required to register one's residence in the Republic of Ireland?

On the portal :

it says that some (not all) countries ask for migrant workers to register after residing in an EU member state for more than 3 months

My question is: Is the Republic of Ireland one of them ? If so, where must one register and what documents are needed ?

Many thanks and no guesses please.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You don't need to register with anyone in Ireland but if you intend to live & work there you will need to acquire a Personal Public Service Number (PPS No) - this is the Irish equivalent of the National Insurance or Social Security No

  • 8 years ago

    Im not certain but just in case id take your documentaion with you,you could equally ask your own countrys Irish embassy what the rules are,i think the main problem is if you are Romanian or Bulgarian whose freedom of working in the EU is not the same as other EU states,

    If you British in Republic of Ireland you only need your passport,that i know for certain.

    Also if youre hoping to work in Republic of Ireland,remember theres huge unemployment(around 13%) so if you dont have a skill that an Irish person cant do you might struggle.

    If you thinking of construction sites forget it,they wont entertain non Irish these days.........the boom has long since gone bust,though it better than Spain or Greece

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