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Can you pause,rewind and record sky tv with a TiVo box'?

I currently have the really old whitish silver box it says dv3 on the front-pace DS445NB.I can't pause ,rewind or record live tv with it. I would get a new sky+hd box from sky but its €150. Can you pause,rewind and record with a TiVo box. ?Also if I was to get a cheap second hand sky+hd box can I pause,record or rewind live tv with my current sky tv subscription ? or is there some special sky + subscription?

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    Yes, if you can get and manage to use an old Series 1. It will be SD though. The Virgin TiVo is only for Virgin.

    If you want HD and/or dual tuners, you want to get a Sky+ or Sky+HD receiver.

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