Why is my mom so mean to me?

Im 16 and shes 42 and Shes always yelling at me all the time for the smallest things, like in the car i can just tell her the light turned green while shes preoccupied with something else and she will just get mad at me telling me she knows what shes doing or i can tell her we cant go a certain way (one way) and she will blow on me in the car telling me about how she knows how to drive and im the one who cant. Also I always ask to use her car to go out with friends and she yells at me talking about i cant always use hers and when i ask her to get me my own she tells my shes not entitled to buy me a car so so basicly she just wantse to stay at home because she has no money. and she is constantly saying she cant wait for me to get grown, just a couple of minutes ago she yelled at me because she goes out really late to mens' houses and i be worried about her so i ask where they stay incase anything happens or she doesnt come back and instead of her being happy that im protective she got mad and said its none of my business and to leave her alone. Why os she like this to me?

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  • 8 years ago
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    sheis probably going through something do something nice for her have a little talk with her about how you feel and she'll probably understand she probably stressed out.

  • 8 years ago

    Sad to hear that :( Stay kind and respect your mom... show her your love & care even though you felt that she's mean to you.. get a chance to talk to her.. open up. maybe she has a problem or what... tel her what you really feel every time she scolded you.

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