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Fiance and I are having troubles. Need some help.?

My Fiance and I have been together for a couple years now. She is 24 and and I am 22.For the last couple of months, we have been in a rough patch. The reason why is this... Neither of us has had sex and she wants to wait until we are married. She made a childhood promise to herself that she will wait. I support her decision to wait until our wedding night which is next summer. But the problem comes before that. During making out we both get so into it and both really want to continue that neither of us want to stop. She says she really wants to continue but we never do. It seems to end the same way though. She or I pushes the other way to prevent anything else from happening. Recently though, these urges have been really strong and we end up in a argument afterwards. We miss being able to lay there afterwards and hold each other so we can say I love you but that has not happened for a long time. Now we dread about going too far even though we both want to and are ready. We have talked about the issue and it gets us no where. She believes that maybe she should give it up so we can be happy again. I told her no and said that the is not the reason to have sex. I want to do whats best for the relationship. We just want to be happy again. Please help us out. Any good advice would be great. Thank You

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    Then have sex, look at it this way...if you wait until marriage and she is not what you want in bed and vice verse, how long are you going to remain "happy". Sex is apart of a healthy relationship. You intend to marry this girl, and marry her you shall.

    Or just don't fool around and wait until marriage and hope for the best. Your an adult now, figure it out.

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    Having sex will not make you happy.

    One thing: stop laying down with each other when you're asking for trouble doing that.

    Stop the deep, french kissing.

    Honor her standards, beliefs, values....respect her. That will validate your love for her.

    If you end up having sex, your relationship will suffer greatly; I doubt you'll be together very long.

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    Remember "Distant friendship rocks and too much familiarity breeds contempt". Unmarried desire and married repent.

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