pcv valve on a 1996 ford f-150 302 engine ?

i have a 96 ford f-150 302 engine and i heard some say the pcv valve is on the passenger side either in the valve pan or in the intake ! is it stuck someplace to where you almost have to stand on your head to find it ? i looked and looked for it but i can,t seem to find it ! i don,t know, maybe i am looking in the wrong place or it,s hid under some wires but i need to find it so i can change it and the hose ! i appreciate your time !

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    It's on the passenger side toward the rear of the engine in the valve cover below the intake.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Considering it's a up predicament, i might assess out the inlet air temp sensor and the temp sensor that tells the ECM how hot the engine is. They is probably not plugged in or may have failed. This could now not show up as a error code until the unit has failed completely. If these are unhealthy, the engine would not be getting ample gasoline on cold . One factor to take a look at is to turn the ignition swap to the run position for ten seconds earlier than making an attempt to start the engine. If it begins up first-class then the crisis might be in the fuel process. A fuel pressure regulator, determine valve or a weak gas pump. Good luck.

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