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How do I know if we're dating? Still unsure. ?

We met online and then ended up meeting in real life. Didn't ask her out but did everything a normal teenage relationship would do; kiss hug dinner dates movies etc. I always say that I love her and she replies with a 'shhh' or 'hush' and it kind of annoys me. We talk about our future and she gets a little interested, I just returned back to Australia after my trip to the states and so I did leave her for the moment. Gah, I don't wanna ask her because it'll make things awkward between us and we'll never talk again and I can't stand the thought of some guy tuning her etc. :/ what do I do?

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    I think the one big issue here and one that she seems more aware of than you is that you live in two different countries and countries too that are so far apart. Hence when you tell her you love her she tells you shush. This does not mean the girl has not got deep feelings for you, but she is being more realistic about what could and could not happen in the near future.

    Quite honestly there is nothing that either of you can do, without one moving to the others country and that seems very unlikely at your ages, so all that remains to say is '' stay the way you are with each other, keep working on the relationship, enjoy the time spent with one another even though the majority may only be on line and phones etc, just live for the moment, and keep hope in the heart that both of you will not fall in love with another, and that you eventually get to be together. You really have no other option. And worrying about what if's and buts etc, will only depress you both, plus depress the situation, so live life daily with hope in your hearts the two of you survive. Young love is as strong as anyone else love, in fact its often stronger for we are more strong minded when we are young, and if love is to be for the pair of you, love will find its way.

    Best wishes

    Billie UK

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