What drug is he taking? Please Help? Just pain pills?

He is upbeat, shaky, fast moving, talks alot about God. But random weird stuff. Like God put this here for me, talking about random things, like if he finds something in a parking lot. Someone called his cell phone and it was the wrong number and he tossed his phone out the car window and said it was a sign that God didn't want him to have a phone anymore.

He has remembered alot of stuff that happen to him as a child and is talking about it and tiring to forgive everyone, but he is open about it and loud about it at inappropriate times.

He said that he needed to turn himself into the police because he watched porn. And his girlfriend deserves better.

He did get taken to a hospital, but we don't know what they have found.

He clams that he was addicted to pain pills and has stopped taking them and that is the reason for his behavior.

I think it is more that that. This behavior has been for about 7 days but there was a couple days he was normal.

What drug do you think he is taking? Please serious answers please. Thank you.

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  • Frank
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    8 years ago
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    This isn't from drugs.

    Your boyfriend is having a psychotic episode. He is suffering what is called a delusion of reference.

    He is developing schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Many people who start developing these disorders start self-medicating with different drugs, but it isn't the drugs that are causing the symptoms.

    He needs professional medical treatment. I'm glad to hear that he is getting it.

    Be aware that while his symptoms can be controlled with medication, this is not a temporary state. He will always be shizophrenic or bipolar.

    This isn't going away. Maybe something in your life has left you feeling good for being able to take care of him, but his condition is permanent for the rest of his life. I'll probably take some flack for writing this, but you might deserve better.

  • 8 years ago

    It's not weed not Coke or crack it's not heroine not shrooms or extacy it's probably pcp dmt or acid if it's acid or dmt he's going to be okay but if it's not you should get him some help look at his eyes best way to tell on witch type of drug his on if he's eye pilpul not sure how to spell that is big or small he's on drugs if it's not he's probably crazy

  • 8 years ago

    Take him to get him tested for drugs and any mental disorders

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