Yeast infection? UTI? STD? What is going on?

On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I had protected sex (condom). The first one wore out, so he put on a different one which was "Fire and Ice". As soon as we started again it burned really bad so I told him we had to stop. I went to the bathroom and I was swollen down there, and it burned to go to the bathroom. I waited a day and it went away, so I just though maybe it was from a reaction to the condom. On Thursday, however, it started to burn a little bit while urinating again, and I noticed a tiny bit of white discharge. The burning got worse on Friday and Saturday, and is still burning today. I still have white discharge too, along with the faint look of blood when I wipe sometimes. I'm also pretty tired, my stomache aches, I have some cramping, and my temp is 99.8.

What is going on?

(I'm also on birth control if that matters, and he has "stuck it in me" without a condom before, but thats as far as it went and I told him no.)

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  • 8 years ago
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    some women are allergic to condoms so that could be something to find out.

    I am not allergic but condoms do irritate me to where I can get a yeast infection.

    The fire and ice ones are really bad!

    Discharge...and urinating come out of two different holes.

    So if you had a UTI, it would have nothing to do with the discharge.

    Either your discharge is just normal and just so happens to be that other things are going on, so you are questioning that.

    The fact that it burns when you pee and there is a faint look of sounds like you have a UTI.

    Go to the doctors or a clinic to get medication for it. it is very painful. In the mean time you can go to cvs and get something to relieve the pain. There are pills you can take and it literally turns your pee orange but it's supposed to help make the burning not hurt so much.

    Drink a lot of cranberry juice. but you still need to get medicine for it. If a UTI goes untreated the infection can move to your kidneys.

    Tip: E V E R Y T I M E you have sex, go pee right after. even if you dont have to, sit there till you do :) peeing after sex helps push any fluids and other things (lube, etc) that have gotten pushed into your (pee hole) durring sex.

    Idk what the cramping is for.

    if it is an STD...i would think it would be chlamydia - only because it is the most common STD, and it causes infertility and cramping...but MOST of the time, the symtoms are never there, like i said, the discharge and cramping could just be a coincidence. Chlamydia is curable.

    I would get tested though to be safe since you are sexually active.

    Source(s): yeast infections can cause a burning and painful itch inside of your vagina but would have nothing to do with you peeing*
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    4 years ago

    Don't worry about insurance. Find a Planned Parenthood near you. They'll make sure that your okay and charge only if you have some kind of income and based on how much income. They rock. I would do it fast though because if it's been happening for a while it could have been a bladder or urinary infection and then could have spread to your kidney which is BAD. That's all I know. If it gets really bad or you can't get to a clinic like Planned Parenthood, go to the emergency room. They have lots of support for medical cases and people without insurance, especially for situations like that.

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    Well for YOUR sake quit having sex, the guy doesn't love You enough to give You a break even tho You may love sex, get to a Dr., as soon as possible have a check up , with the fever this could be tough on Your body, and quit using those fancy condoms , if You don't want a baby now stop have intercourse, they are other ways to play, but be safe, a friend of ours got real sick as he slipped it into the rectum and then into the vagina and she got a terrible infection , just play it safe for a few months, and see the Dr, and ask questions there , remember it is Your body that suffers not his!

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