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How to get your shy boyfriend to flirt? We're 16, first relationship.?

He's really shy, sweet, nice, polite, and fun to talk to. We've been friends for a year and dated for a 2 months. But all we do is hug often and rarely a kiss on the cheek. We buy each other gifts too.

I like him a lot, and i told him that i would like it if he flirted more, but he doesn't. He says that's just the way he is. When we go on dates, it just feels like we are friends.

I want to make out with him and cuddle and stuff like that. But i don't want to force myself onto him...that would be way to awkward..and i'm a little shy too. How do i get HIM to make the moves one ME?

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    my suggestion is to initiate it. chances are hes too shy to initiate stuff like that and his response that "thats the way he is" means he probably wouldnt turn it down if you initiated it.

    somoenes gotta break the ice, 2 months is long enough to be more affectionate than hugs.

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