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Guinea Pig's eye swollen?

Hi. So this morning, my sister noticed that her guinea pig's eye was swollen. It doesn't look serious to me, but I will describe it. It is a pinkish color and is only a little swollen. Is she okay? She's acting normal, and she's eating fine. Is maybe because she is tired or maybe she has allergies? Has anyone else experienced this with their guinea pig? Is a vet required?

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    This happened to my rabbit before, if it happens more than once it could be a reaction to something in her cage. My rabbit had one to the sawdust so we had to change products. I called the vet when it happened and she said to use a cotton bud and gently apply salt water to the red rim of her eye, however it might not be the same for guinea pigs so either wait to see if it goes down or make a quick call to the vet to see what to apply to it.

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    I would take it to the vet straight away if it looks suspicious. If you can't afford to take the guinea pigs to the vet then you shouldn't have gotten them in the first place.

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    Go to your Drug store and get Boric acid and mix 1/8th tsp to a warm cup of water, wash out the eye every 3 hours for 2 days and if it is not any better get her to the vet if it is showing great improvement continue until it is completely well.You can go on line as research Boric Acid and you will note it is in many eye washes and drops.

    Source(s): 32+ years dedicated to caring for and loving guinea pigs
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    Any problem with the eye should be considered an emergency, BUT it could be fatty eye, where there is a little pink bit visible just over the bottom lid, and this is not a health problem.

    Check guinea lynx for examples:

    this is ok:

    general guidance:

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    You shoukd take her to the vet

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    she might have scratched herself, but i'd take her to a vet just in case:)

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