Where can I download native Windows PC software (.exe) to develop themes for Nokia Asha 201 on my Windows OS?

I truly mean a Windows program. JAR files don't function just like that. Any link available? And thanks for all the previous answers to my other questions before.

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    8 years ago
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    Try uh... Microsoft site...

    Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    Relying on what you imply there are two methods. If you wish to be competent to make use of each while you then want virtualization application. That is very easy to use and can be hooked up to home windows. I'd endorse VMware workstation but you need to pay for that, a free alternative is Microsoft's virtual pc 2007 despite the fact that i'm unsure whether or not it supports Linux. Once you might have established the vitual desktop, that you could install Linux into it as a virtual OS and use each windows and Linux even as. Or else you ought to partition your harddisk and install linux/home windows onto a separate force. Then you'll be able to ought to mounted the BIOS to present dual boot choices so that you would be able to pick which one. I'm afraid I cant say precisely how to try this. Hope this was once useful, and excellent good fortune!! (you'll be able to need it when working with home windows :P)

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