My Pokemon White Team,.. Improvements Please:?

So, i've gotten to the flying gym.. not done it yet, but this is my team

Emboar, (Fire) ability: blaze level 46, bold nature, moves: heat crash, flamethrower, rollout, arm thrust

Cacturne (Grass, Dark) ability: water absorb level 34, docile nature, moves: strength, grass knot, faint attack (from dreamworld, i deleted one off its moves

Swoobat (Psychic, Flying)ability: unaware level 21, bashful nature, moves: heart stamp, fly, air cutter, assurance (training)

Carracosta (Water, Rock) ability: sturdy level 37, sassy nature, moves: aqua jet, smack down, crunch, brine

Galvantula (Bug, Electric) ability: compoundeyes level 3,6 impish nature, moves: cut, slash, signal beam, volt switch

((((( S P A R E S P A C E )))))

So, please help with moves, the reason cacturne is missing a move, i taught it cut, then had it removed, i was maybe thinking a dragon for my 6th slot, maybe axew,..

what im asking for:

-move sets (without tm's)

-6th pokemon idea, an location

-flying pokemon replacement, but not Unfezeant Sigilyph Braviary or Mandibuzz.. maybe a different gen pokemon from deamworld. (i only have 900 points in dreamworld)


1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    I will be happy to provide you with the flying pokemon replacement.

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